labor & delivery

Creating a birth plan

A birth plan outlines what you want to do

A birth plan is a written document that tells the doctor what's important to you during labor and delivery. The number one goal is a safe delivery of the baby, so it's important to keep your plan flexible. You may have to adjust it if circumstances change during delivery.

Talk to your doctor or midwife

It's important to talk about your wishes with your doctor or midwife. Not all medical professionals are comfortable with birth plans; they may feel your plan is a list of demands that could interfere with the safe delivery of your baby. By talking to your doctor or midwife early, you can work out how to include your wishes during labor and delivery.

Every birth is different and safety comes first

Every labor and delivery is unique, and your doctor considers the safety of you and your baby first. By talking to your doctor throughout your pregnancy, you can develop trust and understanding with each other. You will feel like an active partner in your baby's birth, even if the unexpected occurs.

Think about these questions as you create a birth plan. Use the birth plan checklist to keep track of what you want during labor and delivery.